We will be applying for our Global Citizenship and Energy Flag in 2021

We are continuing with our single use plastic ban

We will organise an Action Day for December.  We are planning to design reusable face masks to highlight the importance of choosing reusable materials instead of single use plastic masks

Senior Room will design Santa’s Workshop or Santa’s Village using renewable energy wherever possible, to create an ecological building/village

Junior Room will work together to design an Ecological House for Santa

Suzel – Green School Committee




Team Rathkeale is doing amazing work around the town to promote local business.  We sent a questionnaire to Eina Roche, a member of Team Rathkeale, to find out more about the work they are doing and learn about upcoming events.


Where did the idea for Team Rathkeale come from?

The idea for Team Rathkeale came about when businesses were impacted by Covid restrictions and downbeat publicity


Who is involved in Team Rathkeale?

There are over 50 businesses involved in Team Rathkeale.  The Team Rathkeale steering committee includes Derek Downes, Ann Madigan, Eina Roche, Paddy Fitzgerald, Sarah Murphy and Meabh O’Kelly


What kind of projects have you done?

Team Rathkeale made a short video where local businesses got involved to let people know that Rathkeale is a safe place to shop and that their custom is welcome.  This video can be seen on social media.  Team Rathkeale also made a three part video showcasing some of Rathkeale’s sporting heroes, this also can be seen on social media/YouTube.

Team Rathkeale and Tidy Towns also came together and painted pots and plant tubs and planted Autumn/Winter flowers.

Limerick County Council have also come on board with Team Rathkeale to help with funding to paint and clean up some of the unoccupied buildings in the town, so far two buildings have been done.  We also sought funds for more bins and benches.  We have also gotten funds for new Christmas Lights for Rathkeale and have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for installation of these lights.


What kind of projects are coming up?

Painting of unoccupied buildings

Team Rathkeale are also working with Garda Andrew Maher to set up a Community Business Watch.

We will also continue to spread Rathkeale’s good news stories


How can people get involved with Team Rathkeale?

Team Rathkeale welcomes people to come on board with projects.  Team Rathkeale’s Steering Group can be contacted by emailing [email protected]


What is the message Team Rathkeale wants to send to the community?

Shoppers can trust Rathkeale businesses and services and that their custom is always appreciated