Budget 2022 provided for an allocation of €18million for 2022 and
€32million for 2023 which was the largest investment to date in the
DEIS programme and has allowed the Department of Education to extend the
DEIS programme to further schools with the highest levels of

Church Street National School has been identified
as one of the schools for receipt of additional supports under the DEIS
programme and has been designated as DEIS Rural.

The DEIS programme is the Department’s main policy initiative to
respond to educational disadvantage. The DEIS programme focuses on
targeting additional resources at those schools with the highest
concentrations of students who are at risk of educational disadvantage
which promotes equity and has benefits for students, including their
long-term outcomes, which in turn maximises their potential. Further
information on the DEIS programme and the supports which will be
available to the school can be found at