The pupils and staff aim to walk / cycle / run a combined distance of 600 km during the month of May. This is the approximate distance from Mizen Head to Malin Head (by road).

Please sponsor our pupils by visiting our GoFundMe page and please share the link on your social media.

Funds raised will be used to restock our school library shelves with new popular books.

Each week we will add up our kms and see our progress.


Week 1 Update

We’re off to a great start with pupils and staff collectively covering 412km in the first week. That would bring us approximately to Tobercurry in Co Sligo.

Week 2 Update

Our second week added a further 413km bringing us to 823km.

Week 3 Update

The wind and rain this week hasn’t kept us indoors. Together we have added another 321km to bring our total distance so far to 1154km. Well done to all our pupils and staff for getting out and being active.




Week 4 Update

Well done to all our walkers, together we have walked another 315km bringing our total to 1469 by the end of our fourth week. One final push for the weekend ahead!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our challenge by donating to our Gofundme page.