Our pupils recently took part in a competition to compose our Green School Code. There were some wonderful codes.

Our overall winner – Aaron from Senior Infants – ” Be green, be clean, get with the scene, be part of the biodiversity team.”

Highly commended codes

Ella – 5th class –  “Mind biodiversity whether you’re in primary school or university. If you don’t take care, soon it won’t be there.” 

Sarah – Senior Infants – “Protect our nature night and day. Listen to the biodiversity way. This helps our world to make it good.”

Peter – 2nd Class – “The planet is falling apart, let’s work hard to make a new start.”

David – 1st class – “We must look after our trees and plant flowers for our honey bees. A little change will do to make the future better for me and for you. We only have one planet, we must look after it. So pick up your litter, don’t be a quitter. Biodiversity is the way to go.”